Cash Advance

5 Good Reasons to get a Cash Advance

In the past you might have heard that cash advance loans are for younger consumers, who do not yet have the kind of credit required to qualify for bank loan products. Nothing could be further from the truth! Read on for five reasons why a cash advance is right for you, no matter how much credit you already have to your name!

1. A cash advance is less expensive than a cash withdrawal from your credit card. The odds are good that even with a high credit limit, you still have a low cash advance limit on your credit card. Moreover, credit card companies charge substantial fees for allowing you to take a cash loan against your card. This makes a cash advance from a cash lender the perfect means of getting the needed cash quickly and in the least expensive manner possible.

2. Repayment is automated. Since the funds are automatically withdrawn from your bank account, there is no need to fret over missing a payment due date or having to write out a check, which must then be mailed. This makes a cash advance right for any consumer who leads a busy life and barely has time to sit down and write out checks.

3. Funds may be direct deposited into your bank account. There is no better way to ensure that the money you need is at your disposal in the most convenient way. With a cash loan, you won’t have to worry about standing in line and cashing a check or picking up some cash from a storefront. Instead, the money is wired into your account where it stays until you use it.

4. Cash advances offer loan extensions. This is impossible to obtain with your credit card, but quite easily done with a cash loan. Enjoy the luxury of being in control of not only your money but also your repayment terms. This convenience puts you in the driver’s seat of your fiscal situation.

5. Pay off a credit card or make a loan payment and save big on late fees, interest hikes, and penalties. Car payments and credit card bills carry huge penalties for missing a payment, but with a cash advance you can forego these quickly and simply. When you get paid, you simply pay off the loan.

As you can see, whether you have credit cards, hold various loans, or simply need a financial product that works for your busy life, cash advance loans are uniquely qualified to meet your needs.